Peru Facts!

Peru  /  Piruw (in the Quechua langauge) Culture Fact: Many Peruvians are well connected to their Inca roots 14.4 million people in Peru, 45% of the population, identify as Amerindian (native American). In fact, Peru has the second highest number of Amerindian people in the Americas (after Mexico), and this shows in their incredibly diverse […]

Vietnam Facts

Vietnam  /  Việt Nam Culture Fact: Organised religion is rare in Vietnam Only about 27% of Vietnamese people follow an organised religion, most of whom are Buddhist. The other 73% do have a system of beliefs though: the “Vietnamese folk religion”. There is no “bible” of the Vietnamese folk religion, and it can vary a […]

UK Facts

UK Facts The UK is a country made of countries. Because of this, I wanted to make a fact page for all four countries within the UK. So far I have finished England, so click below for England facts: England Facts! Also check out some other great UK related posts: 6 Ways to divide England […]