How to get your NIE in Valencia

If you want to live in Spain, getting an NIE (foreign identity number) is perhaps the most important thing you need to do. It’s usually needed for jobs, renting flats, and even opening bank accounts. I have heard the process can differ depending on where you are in Spain, but here’s how we got ours as British citizens in Valencia in 2017.

Necessary documentation 

The process

1) Book an appointment online through this website. We booked before arriving in Valencia and there is usually a 3-4 week waiting list. You get 3 different dates to choose from.

You can also apply through the consulate of your country before arriving. If you need the NIE quicker I’ve heard you can go to the foreign office in quieter areas outside of the city such as Paterna or Quart de Poblet and get it without an appointment.

2) Go to the police station (comisaria de policia) Calle de Bailén, 9, Valencia at your appointment time with all your documentation. If you don’t speak Spanish, bring a friend along with you, as they don’t speak English.  It is a quick appointment just to look over your documents and make sure everything is ok. They won’t take any documents off you yet but they will give you your NIE.

3) Pay the €9.45 fee with your Tasa form. We went to BBVA which is just a few minutes walk away from the police station. You have to pay the fee on the automated machines, not to a cashier. After a few clicks you scan the barcode of your Tasa form, enter some details, including your NIE, and pay the fee in cash. Remember to print a receipt when you are finished. 

4) Go back to the police station, and wait your turn to be seen again. You don’t need an appointment this time. You give the official your documentation, including the receipt from the bank. They will give you one of the EX-15 forms, with your NIE written on it, to keep.

5) Pick up your NIE at the police station a week after your appointment. You will need to show your copy of the EX-15 form with your NIE written on it and your passport.

Hope that has cleared everything up for people that are going/ planning to go through this process. If you have any questions feel free to ask us in the comments below. 

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DACiB3qHhQI How to get your NIE in Valencia

6 Replies to “How to get your NIE in Valencia”

  1. Hey guys! So pleased to see that your blog is up and running and that you’re settling into life in Spain. I wish we’d visited Valencia when we were there last year, as it looks lovely and much more chilled out than Madrid! Great guide for getting the NIE, we had some problems with that when we were in Spain. Any luck with the job search yet?

    1. Hi there! Yes we really love it here, you should definitely visit sometime. Thanks so much 🙂 yes we are starting work next week in a summer club and also applying for jobs for September too. Thanks for reading and hope you’re enjoying being back in the UK 🙂

  2. Hi there, we arrived in Valencia in July 2017 and are loving it! Love that you’re doing a blog – had intended to do one but have been very busy…We are working (we took on a little restaurant in El Carmen!) we have our NIE’s but now we need to get our residence – have you got yours yet? Bit confused about whether we need to use payment form 790-12 or 790-52! Any ideas? The CAB website is contradictory and our accountant can’t help! We have an appointment at Calle Bailen in 2 weeks’ time… Thank you! Amanda

    1. Sounds great, good to hear you’re enjoying it! What’s the name of your restaurant? Sorry we haven’t got residency so can’t help you with that one. Good luck, hope you figure it out!

  3. Hi Janine and Ryan, thank you for this super helpful post! I am from London and plan to go to Valencia next month to look for a job and I have a few questions which I hope you might be able to help with 🙂 On the forms is it possible to use the address of a hostel or Airbnb if you were going to be staying in one for a month or so? Or can I put my friends address down where I’ll be staying for a while and then once I find permanent accommodation I can get it changed? Also on the EX-15 application form where it says Motivation should I put Economic, Professional or Social interests? My main motivation is to move to Spain so I can learn Spanish and I need a job to be able to support myself financially, so would that be Economic? Muchas gracias 😀

    1. Hi Ambah! Glad to hear the post was useful to you. Yes you can put the address of your Airbnb or your friends place, whichever you prefer. The address doesn’t seem important really, we never changed ours from the address we put down on the form even though we’ve moved since then. Yeah you could put professional or economic I think, again this isn’t something they seem bothered about so don’t worry about it. Thanks for reading 🙂

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