Our first week in Valencia

After a lovely 2 months spent in the UK visiting all our friends and family it was time for our next adventure teaching English, this time much closer to home! Since living in Spain 3 years ago I always wanted to come back so, stepping off the plane was a very happy moment for me. Getting back into Spanish living has felt relatively easy for me so far, from shopping in Mercadona to sitting outside eating some tapas and speaking Spanish again. Since getting here we’ve been searching for jobs but we’ve also found lots of time to relax, eat out and wander through the lovely parks nearby.

Why Valencia?

Three years ago I lived in a city called Castellón, which is an hour away from Valencia. I always thought Valencia was beautiful, and big enough that there is lots going on. It is also much cheaper than its bigger brother Barcelona.

Where we are staying

At the minute we are staying in an Airbnb in the west of the city, which is only a few minutes’ walk away from a massive park, Turia Gardens, which stretches 8.5km through the city. We have access to a kitchen and living area, so we can save money cooking for ourselves. It’s so much better than being crammed into a hotel room. The location is great as we can walk through the park to get to the city centre, and the park is a beautiful setting for jogging. It is definitely motivating us to jog more and get fitter which is one of our main goals at the minute.