Things we love about Valencia

The parks

There are parks everywhere. It seems like any unused space is made into a park. There are parks in the middle of busy roads, which provide a tranquil escape from the traffic, there are parks next to cafes and schools. The most impressive green space is Turia Gardens which is built on the former riverbed of the Turia river, and stretches 9km through the city. It is the ideal place for exercising, as it is filled with walking, cycling and running paths, football pitches, and outdoor gyms. We love the atmosphere there, as it is filled with people of all ages, running, cycling, slacklining, and having picnics with their friends and family. We are lucky enough to live near the eastern tip of the park, which houses the incredible City of Arts and Sciences. 

The street art

The mixture of tree-lined streets, historic buildings and street art is not something you can find just anywhere. It’s amazing seeing unique and imaginative street art round every corner. Nearly all the shutters in the city seem to be illustrated.

20170427_140835-2-199x300 Things we love about Valencia

20170427_140835-2-199x300 Things we love about Valencia












The accessibility

With efficient metro and bus systems and over 120km of cycle paths, it couldn’t be much easier to get around Valencia. There is a cycle hire scheme called Valenbisi with bicycles distributed in 275 stations. We have yet to try it but it definitely seems like the cheapest and most eco-friendly way to explore the city. 

20170427_140835-2-199x300 Things we love about Valencia

The vegetarian restaurants

There are an abundance of vegetarian restaurants here, a lot more than we previously imagined. We have only been to a few so far, La Lluna, Copenhagen and Malmö but we are very impressed with the countless options available. We are looking forward to trying more of them in our time here. And not just that, there are vegetarian and vegan Facebook and Meetup groups which are a great way to meet like-minded people while enjoying some delicious food. Another great resource is this guide to vegan and vegetarian restaurants. 

The cat cafe 

We share a mutual love for animals, so we were so excited to discover a cat cafe that just opened in Valencia a few days ago. There was one near our flat in Hanoi so it brought back a nice piece of nostalgia to visit another one. We went yesterday and met the lovely cats that have all been rescued from the streets. It was just as heartwarming as we imagined and we know we’ll definitely be paying them a visit again. You can reserve your visit here

20170427_140835-2-199x300 Things we love about Valencia
Lovely Sandia









20170427_140835-2-199x300 Things we love about Valencia

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