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For every flagged country you will find:

One culture fact, one language fact, one geography fact, one history fact, and one thing that country is the best in the world at. 

With each fact is a paragraph explaining it.

For the UK, I have a few extra posts, including 100 British Words for Rain, and our most popular post of all time: 6 Ways to divide England Linguistically.

If you really want me to write 5 facts about your favourite country, tell me in the comments below.
If you want to be really helpful, you can give me some of your favourite facts about the country too, and maybe I will add them.

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  1. Sandra Hammond says: Reply

    1. Racism is endemic throughout the United States. It’s a legacy of slavery and eugenics. It’s deeply embedded in certain demographic groups. It’s like a landmine–avoided but unavoidable, rife with misunderstanding and an inability to empathesize.
    2. People from the Northwest can’t really fully understand the speech of people from the Southeast. We can’t even agree on what to call the casual footwear used or the carbonated drinks we imbibe.
    3. Point Roberts is a small community in Washington State. The only way to get to it by land is to cross the Canadian border (into Canada) and return via crossing the US border (back into Washington). Fun little factoid, eh?
    4. Many Americans believe the US has never been invaded by a foreign power. Not true. The presidential mansion was vandalized and torched during the War of 1812 by the British, and the Japanese invaded the Aleutians during WWII.
    5. MUSIC! Jazz, rock and roll, hip, rhythm and blues, rap, et cetera. Yes, Americans are good at music.

    1. Fantastic suggestions, thank you very much!
      1) Race in the US is such a huge and complex topic that I would don’t know how summarise it in a paragraph without being flippant, and I’m not sure I feel qualified to really do that. It’s also addressed so much better in so many places that I might not include this here. Hope you understand.
      2) This is a great suggestion, thanks. We have the same problem in the UK, there about 10 different word for a bread bun depending on where you are :/
      3) I didn’t know that, thanks!
      4) That is a very good suggestion, not many people know that the Canadians burned down the white-house!
      5) Music is good call, but I think I may put it in culture instead. Maybe I will write about the US’s huge prison population here, which is something I am quite passionate about.
      Thanks again, I will hopefully get round to the US soon! It’s just such a dauntingly big place I don’t know how I can pick just 5 facts and write just one page!

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