About us

15723733_1383247701686319_8911693388183078507_o-1024x732 About us

Welcome! We are Ryan and Janine, and we have been travelling and living abroad since we decided to move to Hanoi to teach English in September 2015. We absolutely loved the chaos and character of life in Hanoi.

We enjoyed exploring Northern Vietnam while we lived there, but our big adventure came after we finished work and went travelling all over Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand for two amazing months.

We are now living a little closer to home, in Valencia Spain. We hope we enjoy teaching English and life here as much as we did in Hanoi!

We are so excited to share our travel, living abroad, and TEFL experiences and stories with you. If you have any questions please let us know and we will be happy to answer them.

15723733_1383247701686319_8911693388183078507_o-1024x732 About us