Peru Facts!

Peru  /  Piruw (in the Quechua langauge) Culture Fact: Many Peruvians are well connected to their Inca roots 14.4 million people in Peru, 45% of the population, identify as Amerindian (native American). In fact, Peru has the second highest number of Amerindian people in the Americas (after Mexico), and this shows in their incredibly diverse […]

Vietnam Facts

Vietnam  /  Việt Nam Culture Fact: Organised religion is rare in Vietnam Only about 27% of Vietnamese people follow an organised religion, most of whom are Buddhist. The other 73% do have a system of beliefs though: the “Vietnamese folk religion”. There is no “bible” of the Vietnamese folk religion, and it can vary a […]

UK Facts

UK Facts The UK is a country made of countries. Because of this, I wanted to make a fact page for all four countries within the UK. So far I have finished England, so click below for England facts: England Facts! Also check out some other great UK related posts: 6 Ways to divide England […]

England Facts

England Culture Fact: It all boils down to tea One thing you may already know about the English is that we love our tea. This is not just a stereotype; Britain consumes 60 billion cups of tea a year, or 2.5 cups a day per person. Unlike most countries, tea in England is often drunk […]

Argentina Facts

Argentina Culture Fact: Argentinian beauty hides an unhealthy secret Argentina is often listed as having some of the most beautiful people in the world. The huge mix of ethnicities that formed the country has led to a famously attractive people. But there is also a darker side to this. One in 10 Argentinians have an […]

Cambodia Facts

Cambodia  /    កម្ពុជា Culture Fact: Cambodians have a wonderfully positive attitude Cambodians are some of the most positive, life affirming people you will meet. In my brief 2 weeks visiting the country I was amazed by the kindness and generosity I received, especially from people who have so little. I have been told that […]

Ryan’s Fact Map

Click to zoom to a region, then click on a flag for 5 facts about that country. For every flagged country you will find: One culture fact, one language fact, one geography fact, one history fact, and one thing that country is the best in the world at.  With each fact is a paragraph explaining it. For […]